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Post-Meltdown Thoughts & Reflections

This week, I finished deli work. Basically, I was getting more and more depressed with every aspect of it. It seems like every time I reach a crossroad in my life, I end up in a deli.

The first deli job I had was just after I split with my ex and was dumped on my mother’s doorstep (literally). I had no money, no car, no job and only a bag of clothes to my name. I went up and down the main street of mum’s town, handing out my pathetic CV. A supermarket called me that afternoon and I wound up a deli chick the very next day. I liked it there and was sad when I left… to move to Queensland.

With $20 to my name, I was offered a job at Coles, in the deli. Two weeks later, I was ‘promoted’ to manager and spent the next year there. It took me six months to get another job, and the only place that hired me was another deli. I convinced myself it couldn’t be worse than Coles, I wouldn’t be there long and that I’d make friends. I hated it from the moment I stepped in the door but it gave me the much needed pay cheque.

Yesterday was my last day. In a strange coincidence, I ended my deli career on the 10th anniversary of meeting my ex- the whole reason I got into deli in the first place. My very first deli customer wanted 45 rashers of bacon. My last deli customer wanted 35 rashers of bacon. There’s a sense of closure in that; I’ve come full circle.


October 24, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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