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Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Boy, what can I say about this book? Written in a childish style, the language resonates with the innocence within us all. Until your adult self steps in and realises what’s going on. And it’s then that your heart will break.

Bruno is a nine year old boy, who has moved from his home to a new house. It’s small, cold, unfamiliar and on the outskirts of a Nazi concentration camp. The people over the fence wear striped pyjamas and always look sad. There’s hundreds of kids, but no one to play with. Bruno is lonely, bored and curious. His house is filled with soldiers who wear impressive uniforms, click their heels together and raise their right arms in salute. One day whilst exploring, Bruno encounters another nine year old boy, who wears these striped pyjamas. It’s a friendship based on differences. Shmuel relates his life but Bruno doesn’t understand. How can a boy so like himself live so differently? No food, no clothes, no friends, no freedom.

Innocence is swept aside, your heart breaking at the naivety of the children. To have the Fury in your house, having dinner with your family! Your adult self knows, and is sickened. Your child self revels in the wonder of their curiosity, their language, their times. And when the book is finished, tears fall down your face.

Best novel I’ve read in a long time.


October 27, 2009 - Posted by | Reviews

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