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Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Let me ask you this: with a spare $500, how do you get rich?

Apparently, the truly wealthy in the world can do it. Something about having a mindset and looking for opportunities. Easy enough for them: they’ve already done it! It’s definitely true what they say, knowledge is power.

Last night I listened to a webinar hosted by Stephen Key. Stephen is a Licensing Agent; he finds ideas, pitches them to companies and collects a royalty. It’s a no-brainer. You don’t need the ideas, you don’t need to manufacture the items (or even a prototype) or do any of the marketing. You pitch an idea to a company who already has all of that in place. You don’t need a patent, you don’t need financial backing and you don’t need MacGyver. What you do need, is the knowledge (which coincidentally, his $5000 home study kit provides). But it got me thinking. How do you turn a spare $500 into retirement and the freedom to live your dreams without worrying where the next meal is coming from.

By the way, if you think I’m giving you the answer here and now, it’s not gonna happen. Sorry.

Let’s start with, what is financial freedom? One of my friends defines it as, going shopping without worrying about cost. She meant grocery shopping. I define it as walking into a Prada store. Not walking past it, but actually going inside and choosing a handbag. Because, you can.

I have met some amazing people this year. Allow me to drop a few names: Jennie Armato, Jamie McIntyre, Stephen Key, Peter Bland, Barnaby de Palma, Rick Otton, Aussie Rob, Dale Beaumont, Mark Roltan, George Fokas, Pat Mesiti (God bless him!), Maria Elita, Bernadette Schwerdt  and so many others. Each one is a self made millionaire, doing something different to get there. And it’s not rocket surgery- they are doing simple things, investing a bit of time and a bit of money. Some research, some mistakes and look where they are now. Naturally, they offer you their secrets and wisdom for about $5000… but if it’s going to make you rich, then isn’t that worth it? (OK, that was slightly tongue in cheek).

Before I left the deli gig, I remarked to a colleague that no one ever gets rich by working for someone else. He replied that is exactly the thoughts of the company owner. I saw the irony in making your employees miserable while they made you rich(er).


October 30, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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