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Some dreams we wake up from and see some meaning to our waking lives. Others, we wake from wondering the heck our brains came up with it. Last night’s dream was a little bit of both, something I haven’t thought about in ages but seems relevant. I guess my brain is digging up stuff to help me in my current situation.

I went into a jewelry store with my engagement ring. The lady said she’d take it and I could have another piece in it’s place. I spent ages looking at everything in the cases, always coming back to the rubies (little wonder; rubies are my favourite stone). But I couldn’t find anything I liked. I kept waiting for the lady to come over and help me choose something, a nice pair of earrings perhaps. But she didn’t; she just kept doing her thing, waiting on other customers, tidying the cases and never even looking my way.

There are a lot of parallels between the dream and real life. I have an engagement ring I’d like to be rid of, and am now thinking of just taking it to Cash Converters. But if I could get a pair of ruby earrings in exchange… I also feel like I am waiting for someone to help me and am being ignored. (No one in particular- maybe the lady behind the counter represents the universe?) Maybe I am just waiting for a Captain Picard to turn to the bearded guy and tell him to carry out the plan (“Engage!”) Either way, as long as it helps me get where I’m going, I’m happy (and have cashflow).


November 2, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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