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Paranormal Activity- The Discussion

Please note that this post contains plot points and spoilers.

After watching the movie, several things went through my mind. I was disappointed at the lack of “something”. One of the scariest scenes in The Sixth Sense was when Cole took a midnight pee and someone walked into frame. It was a seen force; you knew it was a ghost. Paranormal Activity focuses on unseen forces. There’s loud noises in the middle of the night, someone or something breathes on Katie and her hair moves, the cursor on the ouija board moves by itself and the bedroom door moves. What’s more scary- seeing a ghost or just having something move by itself? Seen vs unseen forces.

In the end, Katie is possessed. I guess this crosses the line from unseen to seen force. The end is foreshadowed by an earlier incident where she stands by the bed, apparently in a stupor, for three hours before wandering downstairs by herself. She has no recollection of this incident when Micah sees the tape and questions her. Whether or not she was possessed at that time is a matter for debate. At the end, her eyes flash, which in my mind at least, was a dead giveaway. She does much the same thing; gets out of bed and watches Micah sleep before wandering off downstairs. I liked the ending; some of my friends didn’t. I thought it was a fitting end, but I admit I was waiting for her head to spin around or her jaws to dislocate. Again, crossing from the unseen to the seen forces. Then again, seen forces make it a little less real. The Amityville Horror took it too far. Maybe some bumps and crashes at 2am would have made it more scary and less over the top. It’s a fine balance.

As with most movies, there are things that just don’t make sense. The psychic, for starters. I realise he played an important role in establishing Katie’s background and childhood experiences. He said straight off that they were dealing with a demon, not an earthbound spirit. Maybe some attempt at communication would have been good? He turns up, interviews the couple, then leaves without doing anything. Then agrees to come back two weeks later when he knows things are very, very bad! Another thing was the ouija board. A brilliant plan from Micah sees him attempting communication with the demon. Clearly this was never going to be a good idea. After an argument, he and Katie leave the house but forget to turn off the camera. The cursor on the board moves by itself before bursting into flames. Upon returning, Micah checks the tape and sees what transpired. He tells Katie of the cursor but nothing about the fire. Now, considering her childhood home burned down, you’d think he’d want to warn her this time. But it’s ignored.

All in all, I liked Paranormal Activity. I can’t say I was scared, but I wouldn’t want to watch it for the first time by myself on a dark and stormy night!


November 18, 2009 - Posted by | Reviews, Thoughts & Reflections

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