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The Fine Line

Copywriting is changing. While it’s always been about showing people what’s in it for them, the way we do it is changing. These days, with the internet, we’re everywhere. People read our facebooks, twitter, blogs and MySpaces. Internet marketing focuses on being personable; people want to know the person behind the brand.

Yesterday, my sister showed me a business card from a real estate agent. It was a normal business card… except for the photo. It showed the agent holding a large fish. It was indeed a fishing photo, cropped to fit on the card. My thoughts? I don’t want this guy. I want him to be selling my house, not out fishing! J had a different take on it. He thinks it’s brilliant. If you’re into fishing, then this guy is likely to appeal to you and you’d want to build a working relationship together. This makes sense and possibly I’d feel different if the guy was holding a large block of chocolate.

Still, it’s a fine line we tread in our quest to become more than just the face of a name. My sister had another business card (no idea what the company did, let alone the person) which stood out from the rest. On one side, it had normal things like the company and contact details. On the other side, the writing fit the card. So her name (Mary or Jane or whatever) filled the top line in large letters. Her surname under that; a longer surname so it wasn’t as large writing. Under that, her phone number, fax number, email address. All were in writing large enough to fill that entire line of the card. It really stood out, made it different from all the other cards. Of course, her info was instantly recognisable. Had I wanted her details, it would have been easy and quick to grab them. Personable? Not really. But attention grabbing and easy-to-reach info? Certainly.


November 19, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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