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How To Be a Successful Employer

It’s so easy to find work these days. What makes people stay at their old jobs and what can you do to become a better emloyer to keep your staff?

Most large retail companies offer a staff discount. This ranges anywhere from 5% to 75%. Average is about 10%. It may not be much, but when you want your staff to “shop where they earn”, it makes a big difference! Of course, the bigger the discount, the more they’ll buy. If your company offers a service, this can also be discounted or free.

Incentives are another big way to say Thankyou to your staff for their hard work. Most companies give their employees Christmas bonuses. These range from a small, once-off pay rise to a box of chocolates to spa baths and day retreats (unfortunately, these are usually reserved for managers and CEOs of top companies). One savvy employer in Darwin, NT takes his staff on an overseas holiday every year. He says the money is nothing; loyalty is everything. Being in hospitality, he likes his staff to be on call in case of illness and to work overtime on busy nights. The staff don’t mind as they are treated well during the year but especially love the holidays. One year they went to Bali, next year he plans to take them to Las Vegas.

Supermarkets reward their department managers with bonuses if they reach certain sales and budget levels. This works very well in theory, but if you’re in a smaller store, you can’t hope to compete. My advice is to work with your own zone- you know what works for your store, work with that instead of with the larger scale.

A fun, dynamic environment is a must. You want your employees to turn up to work every day. They will be less likely to “chuck a sickie”, injure themselves at work, have less illness (including depression) and want to make the company a better place. I recommend the DVD “Fish”; a fish market in Seattle has fun on the job. It can be so easy to do- all you need is music to encourage singing and dancing on the floor!

Having the support network within the business is a must. An employee who doesn’t feel they are part of the team, can’t get help when needed or feels ostracised is not a happy employee. Having someone there to answer their questions, help them when required and generally be there for them will make a world of difference. This may even extend to outside help such as a team of medical practitioners, therapists and psychologists. Jobs can take a lot out of our lives so it’s important to have a support network before a niggling issue becomes a problem.

As a boss, you’re looking after people’s welfare. It’s up to you to ensure your staff want to continue doing an exceptional job.


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