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Everyone Does It

I have a confession to make. I know everyone does it, even though they won’t admit it. It made me happy, felt good, and I’ll do it again.

I Googled myself.

Now, the last time I did that, I discovered I died in Canada in 2003 (which was a bummer). Thankfully, my living self is all over the web now. My facebook and LinkedIn pages came up, as did my profile on, and a few articles that I’ve written, as well as me winning tickets to something so nerdy and geeky I’m loathe to mention it. I discovered one article authored by yours truly has ended up on a travel website. OK, so it’s only had 8 views but it’s still got my name on it and a link to this very blog.

Therefore, I’d like to coin a new term: Google Footprint. It’s the best way to guage where you are at this point. As long as people remember your name (which they’ll have on the business card you gave them), they can google you and discover your footprints. Hopefully these footprints lead somewhere worthwhile… Your Google Footprint should lead people to your business website (hmm, I still need work on that). It’s an excellent way to see how your ventures rank on a search, where people are finding your stuff, and where your articles have ended up.

Of course, it also makes it easy for your ex to stalk you đŸ™‚ In a good way of course- they’ll be able to see how fantastic your life is now that they’ve gone!



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