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For Some Reason I Wanna Quote Delta.

As I started typing the subject title, “Out of the Blue” by Delta Goodrem popped into my head.

Anyway… Thanks for following me this year, loyal readers. I’ve been somewhat busy lately, hence the lack of regular entries. Busy, and my brain melting with this heat. On the news this week, they’ve been going on about having a heatwave. It’s summer in Queensland- it’s usually this hot! I’ve noticed it more this year because our aircon is playing silly buggers. Sometimes it works (when you press random buttons) but mostly it doesn’t. We rely on fans and the breeze that magically appears at 4pm.

In keeping with the “out of the blue” theme, this morning I had a message via MSN from someone I vaguely recall. Shortly after I moved here to Kwazy Kweensland, I scouted housemates. One guy still lives here, but the other one, well, that was an odd story. Everything was good to go- the moving date was settled, he’d picked a room and everything was sorted. The day came, but he didn’t. I called him, no answer and I never heard from him again… Until this morning, more than two years later. How random! I have no intention of replying to his message for a couple of reasons: 1) WTF?? and 2) I don’t resond well to people who randomly pop up and start calling me “sexy”.

I guess every day has a random moment, but usually they’re so minor we give them little thought.

This time of year (the most wonderful time of year, according to some), is frantically busy for most people. Somehow, ordinary people find extra time and money to do everything they need to do before The Big Day. My sister and I went shopping the other day (well she shopped, I gave helpful advice). It was a Thursday, middle of the day. Where did the million people come from that were at the shopping centre? Don’t these people have 9-5 jobs? The carpark was full, the department stores were full; the specialty shops were mostly empty. It was insane. Now as a copywriter, I find this extremely interesting. Advertising hits you everywhere you look. There are items placed strategically where you’re most likely to buy impulsively. Good luck trying to keep to a budget. We’re coerced into thinking our loved ones really need that Susan Boyle CD, Bryce Courtenay book and MasterChef paraphernalia.

Traditionally, I’ve been in retail this time of year. It amazes me that people leave things to the last minute and will buy anything they can get their hands on. Two years ago, I was a Christmas gift-wrapper for The Body Shop. I was rostered on 50 hours for the week before Christmas, including 10 hours on Christmas Eve (although I did two hours overtime). I never thought people would actually go anywhere Christmas Eve… they do. Last minute shopping- they’ll buy anything! It’s so easy to upsell on Christmas Eve, especially to men. They don’t want to be seen as cheap, so they’ll buy a gift pack, but then you suggest a fragrance or balm and they’re happy to add it to be “original” and they can claim the gift pack is unique. Or at least, this is what we tell them 😉

This time last year I was having daily nightmares about chicken. I was terrified I hadn’t ordered enough for Christmas. I constantly dreamed I sold out at lunchtime. I was talking in my sleep every night; my boyfriend reassured me every day that I would have plenty of chickens. As it turned out, I had waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many and needed to sell them at half price for the next three days.

Christmas is a stressful time for everyone: consumers, retailers and everyone in between. One last point: can’t we have some new carols/Christmas songs? I’m sick of hearing the same old ones that I’ve heard for the last 30 years.


December 12, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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