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The Evolution of James Cameron

Avatar can be described as a typical James Cameron movie. It has the special effects, the length, the love story and of course, the explosions. It’s also the most expensive movie ever made, something which Cameron himself is no stranger to. (Terminator 2 and Titanic were, at their times, the most expensive movies made).  Cameron spent the better part of the decade making this film, or rather, developing the technology needed to create it. And it shows.

Guaranteed, you have never seen special effects like these before. If Cameron could create virtual reality suits to strap you into the cinema seat, he would have. The CGI effects are so good you feel as if you’re the avatar on another planet. The created world of Pandora is seamlessly entered through Jake Sully (Sam Worthington)’s dream world. What a world it is! Lush rainforests, luminent plants and insects, big scary creatures and a race of large blue aliens with flat noses. Jake is there carrying on his dead brother’s work for a team of scientists. He has no training and no idea of what lies before him on a new planet. The avatar is his alien persona- specially created to blend in with the natives. While in a dream state, his nervous system is linked to the avatar’s and he is able to control it and experience sensations.

The first half of Avatar is spectacular. Visually, the best film ever made. It’s very real to the viewer thanks to the 3D technology. The world comes to life like nothing has before. The characters, the alien life forms, the language are all fantastic creations of a vivid imagination. What let the movie down was the tried and true “boy meets girl” story with an environmental message. Terminator and T2 have an intricate plot with twists galore; it seemed fitting that Cameron would make the effort to create a similarly intricate plot to carry forth the imagery. Alas, no such plot was in sight, leaving me bitterly disappointed.

Sam Worthington, a little-known Australian actor with bit parts (such as Terminator: Salvation), has the lead role. I was skeptical about his ability to carry the movie, but he takes the task to hand and delivers a compelling performance. Sigourney Weaver adds experience to the cast, with Giovanni Ribisi in one of his better roles.

If you only see one movie in the rest of your life, make it Avatar in 3D.


December 19, 2009 - Posted by | Reviews


  1. *cry*

    Comment by SpaceFairy | December 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Did you watch it without me? :((

    Comment by SpaceFairy | December 20, 2009 | Reply

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