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Peak Intelligence

Recently I started a part time job. There’s a few reasons behind this; one is to keep me grounded in the “Real World” and in touch with people that I haven’t met off the internet (keeping in touch with The People is important to me as a copywriter: I have to know how they think and what better way than retail?).

Part of this job terrifies me to my very core. Maths. I’m in charge of counting money and balancing the till at the end of the day. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! At school, I always topped my class in English and Science but was always at the bottom for maths. Even simple arithmetic takes me several minutes to work out. Thankfully, counting out change isn’t a major problem (as I feared) and I’m yet to encounter an issue with balancing the till. But still, it hangs over me like a storm cloud, ready to hail at any moment.

As I was peeing myself the first time I counted the till, my manager told me I sure took the long road in doing so. I blushed, extremely embarrassed as I explained counting isn’t my best skill (earlier in the shift, I had written a promo piece for the Christmas special we’re having, so I did show my skills in other areas).

This led me to wonder about ‘peak intelligence’. I’m old enough to be competant in these sorts of things, yet I still find them to be a problem. I’m not the only one- my sister is equally disinclined in the way of numbers. Genetics? Maybe. Our father is quite good with numbers, mum gets by just fine. I guess my brain has reached a point where it’s no longer going to absorb the intricies of mathematics, so maybe I’m just stuck with what I know and have to cope as best I can.

Everyone is good at something (or many things…) I guess maths isn’t my ‘thing’ in this life. English is serving me well, and science… well, I can (arguably) keep up with a forum.


December 20, 2009 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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