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5 Things You Must Do

1. Travel.

Lasy year, I travelled interstate and overseas. I visited Melbourne for the first time. It was autumn, the leaves were changing, the weather was cooling; it was a nice time of year. It was a fabulous long weekend (I was there for a 4 day seminar). At the end of the year, I went to Bali. I’d never been overseas before. Bali was different enough to be weird, but with familiar sights and people who speak English to make it still within a comfort zone.
Why should you travel? See what else is outside your front door.

2. Go through a Break-Up

Breaking up is hard to do, but SO rewarding! It’s the best and worst time of your life. You’re on your own, perhaps with nothing but the clothes on your back. The moron who you’ve been with is out of your life- you didn’t need them anyway. A broken heart can take a long time to heal, but during the process you re-build yourself. You discover how awesome you are. You realise that they’re the ones left behind and your life is much better without being tied to them.
Why you should have a break-up? Experience the single life. No commitments. No dependency. Be the person you were born to be!

3. Do something you love.

The worst job in the world is a job you hate. When you dread the alarm going off in the morning, you drag yourself through the day then collapse, exhausted, into bed that evening. It’s not worth it. Imagine yourself on your deathbed and ask yourself, “What do you regret?” Was the years of dead end jobs worth it? Are you getting satisfaction from your career, or just a pay cheque (that’s usually not enough anyway?) Find your passion, do that at least part time. Get an easy job with no responsibility (and free doughnuts, if that floats your boat) just to get out of the house. Learn about investments, options trading, internet marketing. There’s abundance out there to be shared.
Why should you do more? Life is too short to make excuses.

4. Experience happiness.

Most people think this is hard. Happiness can be just a moment in time, where you’re laughing and you forgot your car payment is due tomorrow. Yes, it’s hard to be happy all the time (and no one expects you to be) but moments are priceless.
Why should you be happy? Smiling may be an entirely new thing for you, but try it sometime. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

5. Keep a diary

Or blog. Or random notes of paper that are ceremoniously burned after you write on them. When I told people I wanted to write, most people looked at me funny and said, “Why?” I’ve always written. I got good marks on written pieces at school. I’ve been copywriting for years in various jobs without knowing I could do it professionally. I’ve also kept a diary since I was 15. Those diaries contain everything I’ve thought, everything I’ve done. I see patterns in those words now. I see how things really were outside of my in-the-moment fury. I see when things were worse than I realised. I see how things could have been had I made different choices. I use those pages to vent, an outlet for unspoken words and thoughts, a way to purge all the tension inside. They may not be very interesting to outsiders, but for me, they keep me sane.
Why should you write? Vent your frustrations. Get those pent up feelings out there! You can keep them, burn them, stick them in a random letterbox- it doesn’t matter. Just letting go is very therapeutic.


January 6, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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