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Outside the Box

I’ve been for plenty of job interviews where I’ve been asked to demonstrate a time I’ve thought outside the box.

Let me begin by saying, I like ‘the box’. It’s a comfy place to be. It’s worked for people for the last x number of years, why do they want me to think outside the box?

Once, conformity was something everyone did. If you were a rebel, bad things happened to you (even worse if you were a Rebel Without A Cause). In business, they require you to be in a box. If McDonalds employees thought for themselves, imagine the mess we’d be in. McDonalds works because they have  a business model, which is adhered to all around the world. Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that it is one of the world’s top recognised brands and top-selling businesses.

Sure, we also need pioneers. Richard Branson has done quite well for himself whilst not following The Rules. If an employee has a suggestion, he listens to it personally (or reads it via email, more like) and has been known to incorporate ideas into Virgin business. So aside from the free thinkers, the rebels, the pioneers; do employers actually want you to think outside the box? Would they reward the employee? Good ideas and selling techniques is something they all want- but to what cost to the smarty pants who thought of it? Maybe I should go into commission-based sales intead.


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