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The Honeymoon is Over

And so we start the second month of the new year. The joys (and stresses) of Christmas have disappeared leaving us with an empty place in our hearts (and stomachs). The excitement of a brand new year is ebbing away, leaving only dread in its wake.

Yesterday was one of those days where I sat and thought about ‘stuff’. My new year’s resolutions have all but slipped my mind as I pondered the numbers on the scale, the unopened beauty products and my forlorn website. With the new month, all those resolutions pop up again. I shall start writing again- both blogging and actual working. I shall use the cross trainer, watch what I eat, use that moisturiser. I shall finish (most of) what I start, keep the house reasonably tidy, and pay my bills on time… or at least within the month in which they are due.

I wonder why I choose to write about such different topics. I wonder why I’m not blogging the innermost thoughts and experiences of a copywriter. (For this last, I tend to think my ramblings and observations make better reading than my quest to find a better word for “chocolatey goodness wrapped in caramel”).

Onto a related subject, my part time work at the doughnut place is coming along quite nicely. When I chat with people I used to work with, they always ask what I’m doing now. I’m writing, as promised, but also this doughnut gig. Apart from the obvious evils that are doughnuts, I really like being there. I find myself to be more creative after a shift there. I use the time to calculate better ways to sell the product (while trying not to think that I am contributing to the obesity and diabetes epidemic). Why? In the past, I’ve been overlooked. I realised this last week when my doughnut manager dropped in at the end of my shift and presented me with a certificate and a badge for achieving 100% in the mystery shop for December. Now, I’ve consistently achieved 100% in all my mystery shops over the years and never had anything other than my own satisfaction. No recognition for having the 100%, let alone achieving it several months in a row. Last week during a particularly slow afternoon, I wrote a poem and sent it off to the Big Bosses along with my nightly email. They all loved it and now there’s talk of using it in an ad campaign… all because I was bored one afternoon. It’s nice to be recognised. It’s also nice to combine one area of life with another, using existing skills to better someone else.

Next goal: work my way into the marketing dept altogether… Hmm…


February 1, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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  1. Strange how our creative lives are running a wobbly parallel. I use slow times at B&N to doodle ideas on scraps of paper. This is after I create order in the disorder that are the customer orders. I also Lysol everything in sight and sort the rubber bands before allowing myself the time to doodle ideas.

    The main difference, between us, is The Big Bosses wish that I would “go away”. Any ideas that I have regarding the place are ignored and never acknowledged. Oh well 🙂

    Comment by Katariina | February 1, 2010 | Reply

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