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I have a group of extraordinarily talented friends. Some make their own costumes. A couple are writers. A few are arty people. Some sing. Some are amazing mothers (all the mothers I know are amazing, let me just make that clear). And some, well, I’m sure they have amazing hidden talents that belong on youtube.

Not one but two of these friends are releasing albums this month. One is a lovely young lady from the UK who has a gorgeous voice. She’s written her own songs, manifested the money to fly overseas to record with Robert Berry (one of the most sought after producers) and recorded positive, uplifting, memorable songs.

The other is polar opposite in terms of musical styles, but yet a similar outlook on life and being human. She started as a creative artist in New Zealand and is now on the brink of being the next Aussie Success Story.

I’ve listened to songs from both albums and find a raw emotion attached to their music. Both sing with meaningful lyrics poised for endless playing on my iPod when their music is finally released unto the masses.

Anna and Lix- you are amazing goddess women whom I have the pleasure of calling my friends.


February 6, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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