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What is Copywriting? Or, The Sushi Pizza

Rule #1 when you start a new business, start telling people what you’re now doing. When you’re a copywriter, a blank look crosses their face while their brain searches for what that could possibly be. So, what is copywriting?

Classic European cuisine, married with traditional Japanese dining. Thin slices of smoked salmon (an excellent source of Omega 3), lovingly layered on a sourdough base and topped with salted seaweed leaves for the authentic sushi taste. Add a splash of wasabi sauce for a truly authentic tingling for your bored tastebuds.

The above is copywriting; convincing you, the consumer, that ‘my’ product or service is fresh, new and better than the competition. Your mind is not loving the idea of a sushi pizza, but your mouth started watering.

Copywriting is essentially advertising. Statistics say our brain is exposed to insane amounts of information; something like 5 exabytes every day (a billion gigabytes or 1 million terabytes).  Any trip into a major city will shower you with advertising. Neon signs, print media, shop fronts and music are all competing for your dollar. Copywriting is the art of convincing you to part with your money on the basis that what I’m selling will solve a problem for you (this is also the basis of infomercials on daytime television).

In short, everything you see written on websites, brochures and on a Mars Bar packet was written by a copywriter. We write words to sell a product or service. We are sneaky and will use any method available. You have definitely fallen for our tricks of the trade: you wanted that sushi pizza.

June 15, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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