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The basic idea of Inception is fairly simple; go into someone’s dreams and steal their secrets. Leonardo Dicaprio is Dom Cobb, an extractor who steals people’s secrets from their dreams. He is unable to legally get back to the US but when presented with an opportunity to return home, he can’t resist, although it is highly dangerous.

Thus is the basic plot for Inception. Instead of relying on special effects, as so many movies do, this is a plot-driven film. You’ll need your thinking caps on to follow it, although if you can follow Ocean’s Eleven, you can follow this. Having said that, the CGI effects are seamless. We’re transported to dream worlds where physics follow no laws, the impossible is possible and your deepest memories are open and unpredictable.

At its most basic level, the film deals with fear and regret. Add strong plot development, an excellent cast and some explosions; what results is a beautifully crafted and highly enjoyable film. It’s never bogged in its own complexity, which could be a real concern at some points. You are walked through each scene so there’s rarely a moment when you wonder which is the dream and which is reality.

I can’t praise this movie highly enough. Director Christopher Nolan has delivered a masterpiece, both of storytelling and film execution. There are some obvious flaws but it doesn’t take much to lose them in the grandeur of the story. One thing that did annoy me was Ariadne (Ellen Page)’s habit of speaking in questions, especially for the first few minutes after meeting her. Ariadne is probably Ellen’s first adult character; she lacks the witticisms and naivety of previous characters. In some ways this is refreshing because it shows Ellen Page as a strong, versatile actor. But in other ways, you miss witty lines which wouldn’t be entirely out of place in this film. Sometimes the tension is a little too much and could be broken up. For others, this may be part of the appeal.

It’s a must-see film. One tip though: pee before you see it. It’s a long film (although you don’t notice it) and you won’t want to miss any of it.


July 25, 2010 - Posted by | Reviews

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