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Is this the end for Print Media?

Hands up if you’ve ever used the internet. Hint: if you’re reading this, you’re using it right now.

This morning a customer complained that the price of a newspaper had increased (again!) and he only read it once anyway. I asked if he read the news online, and he said he did. Which got me thinking- is there anything in a newspaper that can’t be found online?

No. Most newspapers are now online and easy to navigate to find areas of interest e.g entertainment, top stories, local news. Share prices can be found on the ASX website. Even classifieds are now a click away.Even the humble TV guide is online or even on your HDTV.

Some features, such as those found in the bigger Sunday papers, may be online in their entirety at some point, but not yet. I suppose publishers realise people are happy paying their $x for the pleasure of reading the paper over Sunday breakfast. Women’s magazines often publish half stories on their websites, so if you want the whole story, you’re forced to buy the issue. Clever, but does it work for newspapers?

Sadly, I’m of the opinion that newspapers are nearing their last days. The costs with printing, paper and delivery outweigh those of online publishing. Murdoch plan/ned to make people pay for his online papers, but with so many other free sites, it doesn’t look like a lucrative deal.

As for other print media… let’s talk about books. I’ve written before about my love affair with the Kobo, so let’s not rehash that (although I discovered the other day that ebooks are GST free!) Currently, I’m thinking the death of the printed book will be because of environmental concerns- not just the cutting of trees but the damage that paper mills do to the surrounding ecosystems. There will always be a place for books (text books spring to mind) but generally speaking, I think there will be a time when the beloved printed book will be a rarity.

There are many arguments for and against print media, but when we look past the sentimentality and purely on logistics, I fear the days are numbered.


July 31, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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