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As I buy a second sympathy card in a week, I stand in the post office trying to think of words to write. I’m aware of the irony; my whole life is words and yet they are completely inadequate for some things. How do you express the sadness of someone’s passing? How do you provide comfort for those mourning, especially when you can’t be there?

It was at this moment I felt for the Hallmark writers. I’d spent a few minutes looking through the sympathy cards, trying to find one that wasn’t cliched, religious, schmultzy or just plain crap. I’d settled on a blank card with a lily on the front. Nothing written on the Hallmark cards resonated with me. Yet, here I was staring at the card, wondering what to write.

You’d think these things would come somewhat naturally. Whenever I have something really important to say to someone, I write a letter. I’ve always expressed myself better in writing than speaking. This is why copywriting appeals to me and why people think I’m pretty good at it. Writing is more natural to me than talking (of course, this is probably because I can think what to write and delete when necessary… when talking, it often doesn’t go through the logic centre of my brain first).

What is comes down to is writing from the heart. People will always look past the actual words and see the thought and intent behind it. I’m saddened by recent events of those around me and I hope that whatever words I offer are of some comfort to them.


August 3, 2010 - Posted by | Copywriting

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