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There’s a billboard ad at my local shopping centre that I just can’t work out. Firstly, it’s for “cookies” (when did biscuits become cookies?) but more importantly, they’re “ready baked”.

Ready baked? Do they mean already baked or ready to eat? It’s a jar of chocolate chip biscuits so I’m guessing it’s not a bake-at-home dough. But “ready baked”? I came to terms with it as I told myself it meant ‘already’ baked and was considering getting a permanent marker to add the ‘al’… when I saw a packet of chips labeled “ready salted”.

Ready salted? That was the last straw. Not only is it not an actual flavour (what happened to Salted or Original?) but I’m wondering if it means it’s salted enough so I don’t need to add any more or is the salt ready to be eaten?

As my brain melted over this wordy dilemma, I asked my boyfriend what his interpretation was. He replied ‘ready’ meant it was ready to go, nothing more needed. I argue that this is pointless, as the packet of chips is clearly good to be eaten and the ready-baked biscuits are cooked, cooled and packaged for you. Are people really that stupid not to recognise ready-to-eat food when they see it? If anything, I’d think the opposite- seeing a piece of fruit in its raw form could lead to questions such as, How do I open this? Where’s my dipping sauce? and I saw this in an ice cream flavour… mmm, ice cream.

Or maybe I’m just overthinking the whole thing.


August 31, 2010 - Posted by | Copywriting

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