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Go M.A.D.

Some years ago, I went to an Amway seminar. You know the ones- people talk about the ladder of success and how many recruits they’ve gotten that month. Everyone in the audience is hyped up and yells “Yeah!” at every opportunity. One thing that has stuck with me through these years was the phrase Go MAD! It stood for Make A Decision.

Although we make decisions all the time, every day, about every thing, often we don’t think about the decision. If we’re driving, it’s a split second decision. If we’re on the phone with a client, we stop and think about what we say next (well, hopefully…) Just as often, the decision not to make a decision leads to bigger decisions later on. For example, if you’re in a job you hate, you’ve made the decision it is easier to stay than to leave.

Last week, I made such a decision. Fueled by big dreams, I made the decision to move away from the comfort zone. I started actively looking for things I can do in order to achieve these dreams. I made a decision and let the universe know about it.

Two days later, things started shifting. I noticed people asking for small things in relation to writing. I got an email from my copywriting coach about an opportunity (which I have since accepted). I’m finally moving into the realm where magic happens- because I made a decision not to stay here in my comfy little rut.

Is it scary? Sure! Am I nervous? Yep! Both of these are sure signs that I’m leaving my comfort zone, widening my horizons, exploring these dreams which have been constant companions.

By making a decision, you’re choosing the path of your life. You are actively navigating the road your life will look like. And every decision you make, is the right choice for you at that moment.


September 17, 2010 - Posted by | Copywriting, Thoughts & Reflections

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