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Ahead of the Trend

It’s a secret that everyone wishes they knew: how can I have an idea that is ahead of our time and other people will copy? Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer (sorry!) Sometimes it’s just luck when someone famous has the same idea and implements it.

A few months ago, my sister was chatting to someone at work and they came up with an idea for a store. Somewhere that women could have access to professional styling and makeup artistry to complement their natural style and body. Together, they started the ball rolling and things fell into place despite a few speed humps. The result is Nueva Style Studio in Brisbane.

Yesterday, it was discovered that reality star du jour Kim Kardashian has done the same thing in her boutique in New York City.  Now, one must remember that Kim has a bit more money and celebrity leverage than my sister… so the two stores can’t be compared in any way except for the concept.

So what does this mean for concept stores? This is fantastic news for similar stores. Kim has fans over here in Australia who could be looking for the same kind of thing; somewhere to go for fashion and makeup for that special day or just to lift their spirits and find professional advice on how to flaunt your assets and hide the other bits. (There’s something here I could write about SEO to get website hits using key terms, but that would take a whole blog of its own).

Although there’s no crystal ball to tell you the trends of the future, sometimes luck steps in and gives you a celebrity endorsement.



October 19, 2010 - Posted by | Copywriting, Thoughts & Reflections

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