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Point of View

Without going into the specific reasons why, I was on a forum today called Rapture Ready. It’s a forum for fundamentalist Christians who believe we are in the end times and are waiting for the trumpet and the Archangel to carry them all to Heaven so the Earth can be recreated as it was once intended.

Because I am into movies and books, I read that part of the forum. There was a thread about the movieInception and what others thought of it from a Christian point of view. (There were no replies- I was genuinely interested what people would think about it though).

So this started me thinking: how many points of view can one thing generate? I’m a fan of the saying “There’s two sides to every story… and then there’s the truth” so to answer my own question, there’s at least three points of view. I see an earthquake as a natural occurence of this planet, with tragic consequences for those living on top of the fault or in the path of a resulting tsunami. Some people see the same earthquake as Mother Earth taking a deep sigh. Yet others see it as another sign of the End Times, Jesus really must be coming very soon!

These differing points of view are no less valid because I don’t hold that particular belief (and the above examples are at extreme ends of the spectrum). Belief is a very personal thing, even if we do happen to think that someone’s else point of view is a complete waste of time and effort…

So I guess we can delve further into this philosophy and ask ourselves, are these points of view only valid because they are in existence? Can we say certain beliefs and viewpoints are only in existence because our minds are working differently from those around us?

Back to Inception. I’ve seen the movie twice and I can’t say there is anything particularly un-Christian about it but then again, I’m not really up on the latest in Christian idealogy. There may be a little swearing but no supernatural themes, sex scenes etc but I do recall some violence. Whether this is acceptable to the people over at Rapture Ready, I don’t know. I don’t share their viewpoint.


October 26, 2010 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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