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Last night I realised I’ve been in my current job for a year now. To put this into perspective, let’s take a journey through all the jobs I’ve had in the part 3.5 since I’ve been living in Brisbane.

Chiro Admin: 6 months
Deli Mgr #1: 1 year
Deli Mgr #2: 6 months

Hmm, I’m sensing a pattern here! There are various reasons why I always quit my jobs but in reality, it comes down to one thing: I’m bored. The same thing, day after day, often working on my own doing mundane, repetitive chores with no real gain.

After I finished the Nightmare that was Deli Mgr #2, I wanted far less hours, far less responsibility, far less pressure. I was burned out by the deli; all those long hours of prepping and cooking chickens took their toll. I wanted to be brain dead, at least for a while.

It’s no secret that I’m planning to leave this job too. I spoke to my copywriting coach last week to get some feedback on a media release I had written (I’d never written one before). She said, “Renee, you’re far too good a writer to be stuck in retail.” So why am I seemingly stuck in retail?

For one, retail is incredibly easy to get into. You just need to be nice to people even when you want to rip their heads off. Staying in retail is even easier. Learn to upsell, get the sales, and people will love you. As as aside, who here saw my latest facebook photo uploads? It shows my three awards for excellent customer service by way of successful mystery shoppers. I give good service, I get rewarded with $50 gift vouchers for Coles/Myer. I like incentives! It’s a no-brainer job which gives you a pay cheque each week just for rocking up. But, I’m bored. I think it’s actually quite sad that I have the spare time to write 4000+ words in my novel during a shift… on a Friday night which is one of our busiest times.

I love writing. I love creating a world and the people who live in it. Yesterday, I celebrated 14,000 words of NaNoWriMo by allowing my two main characters to meet for the first time. I was actually very excited by this! I’d created these people with the intention of them meeting and falling in love, but there’s still a thrill when they meet and everything falls into place. I know how the story pans out… but they don’t and they won’t until I decide to let them in on the secret.


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The First 10,000 Words

This post is a Q&A about my project for NaNoWriMo.

Q: Who are the characters?

A: There are three main characters; Amy, Mart and Campbell. Amy is a travel writer in her late 20’s. Mart is her openly gay flatmate. Campbell is the guy Amy has an affair with.

Q: Are the characters based on anyone from real life?

A: Well, yes and no. Amy has experiences similar to my own but right now she’s nothing like anyone I personally know. Campbell has similarities to people I know, and some aspects of his life (mainly career) are things I had to ask people I know in order to research. The idea of Campbell has basis in reality, although the character doesn’t. Mart is an amalgamation of all my gay male friends- they’ll definitely see parts of themselves in Mart (only the good bits though!) Mart is the comic relief, the epitome of the lighter side of life. He’s my favourite character to write.

Q: Where did the idea come from?

A: My friend Katariina told me about NaNoWriMo last year… on Halloween. I promised myself I’d do it this year so I registered early and got things together. I had no idea what I was going to write until about a week before it started. I had a vivid dream involving the basic plot and some scenes. I wrote it all down when I woke up, then formed the synopsis around it. Once November 1 came around, I started writing and it just flowed. The story has elements of my life; for example, I went to Bali last year over Christmas/New Year for a friend’s wedding, but the actual affair bit is pure imagination.

Q: Where do you write?

A: At work during quiet moments or on my laptop at home. I’m constantly emailing copies of the draft to myself so I always have the latest copy nearby. Plus I have a notebook in case anything pops into my head at other times, like when I’m out walking.

Q: What will you do with it once NaNoWriMo is over?

A: No idea! Lots of novels started during NaNoWriMo have been published and have been successful. Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen is just one; they’ve filmed it and the movie will be released next year. While that’s obviously a lovely dream, to be honest I’d just like to finish writing the novel before I decide what I can do with it.

Q: How have you found the process?

A: Easier than I expected, actually. The goal is to write 50,000 words in the month of November. That’s 1667 words a day, or about four A4 pages. I write longer emails than that, so I knew I could do it! So far I’ve missed only two days, but I’d like to get at least some writing done every day. I told everyone I know that I’m doing this, and everyone has been really supportive.


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