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New Year… Suppose I should make some resolutions?

Every year I make resolutions. And every year, just like everyone else, those resolutions fly out the window within a month.

On New Year’s Eve, I was asked what my resolutions were. I replied I had none- 2011 would be the same old year with the same old stuff and the same old crap of every other year. Basically, I had given up fighting against the current which I seem to constantly find myself in. Still, I suppose I made one resolution on the spot: I would stop fighting. *gasp* What happens if I stop fighting against everything? One way to find out, I suppose!

Yesterday I was with a group of friends. In certain circles, these gatherings are called “puds” (the reason behind those is a whole other post by itself!) We were talking about future happenings, namely the solar eclipse near Cairns next year and the annual AFL puds happening sometime this year. Now, in my retail job, I usually work every weekend so I miss all the good stuff. I miss seeing my friends, I miss going to events and it affects everything else because I start to be left out, uninvited, lose friends.

Resolution #1: Get out of retail.

Eliminating retail from my life also requires something else: an alternate source of income. At the moment, copywriting work is there, but I couldn’t live off it right now.

Resolution #2: Get more copywriting work. Like me on facebook here

Last year (seems so long ago now…) many times I found myself stressed, only realising I was stressed when it was pretty bad and I was freaking out.

Resolution #3: Relax, stop getting involved in work politics and 24 hour sensationalist news. Relax, relax, relax!

So there you have it. Posting here allows me to be accountable for these resolutions, and I shall check in with you guys regularly to let you know how I’m going. It’s something like a support group, networking… or something. May 2011 be safe, prosperous and fun for all of you. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results”.




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