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Don’t you just hate it when everyone just loves a song and you can’t stand it? It makes you want to stab your ears with sharp, pointy things. Everyone raves about the song, you hear it everywhere.

My example is the recent song Happiness by Alexis Jordan. It’s repetitive, annoying and whiny. Yet, I’m doomed to hear it everywhere I go (it doesn’t help that the centre radio plays it on rotation when I’m at work either). Another song I’m not crazy about but everyone else is, is Rihanna’s S&M. Again. it’s very repetitive (much like the rest of her songs) and again, I hear it constantly at work via their radio. Sharp stabby things, anyone?

My boyfriend told me I have so much hate; it seems every song I hear, I hate it. I don’t think that’s true- I’ve only just changed the CD in my car to hear songs that I do actually like.

The point of all this is maybe I am harbouring hate as a distraction from other things. Last week, I had 5 essays due on the same day (4 of those essays were exam essays and needed to be written over 4 days). I was stressed. Maybe I hated those songs even more last week because they became an added irritation to the festering stress I put myself under. Four essays in four days isn’t easy, especially as I was also rostered on to work those four days. (Thank God the internet decided to behave itself on Tuesday and I was able to submit all 5 essays on time without incident!)

Music is supposed to be a way to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself. Sing if you must, but only in your passenger-less car. Maybe hating a popular song is a way to prove how individual we are. Maybe it’s an antidote to a fad. Or maybe (and several people will agree) I just have no taste in music.


June 6, 2011 - Posted by | Thoughts & Reflections

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