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Words Are Powerful (well duh)

Everyone remembers something someone once said to them. In almost every celebrity interview, you’ll find the question “What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?” People also remember the bad words- who remembers being bullied at school or being told they’re stupid?

Today I had my hair cut. As the hairdresser chopped off those locks, I heard the voice of my first boyfriend say, “You’re so vain…” This stems from a phone chat we had after I’d gotten a haircut and I said I liked it, I thought it looked nice. He told me I was vain and to stop looking in the mirror (which I wasn’t doing, but how would he know? We were on the phone!) Strangely, I hear this every time I have a haircut. So if I see a hairdresser every three months (give or take), over 17 years, that’s about 68 haircuts, so 68 times I’ve heard this voice tell me I’m vain because I like the new hairdo.

Don’t tell me words aren’t powerful.

Words are overused and misused and can hurt. They can stick with people for a very long time (I’m not talking about the written word either) or they can be said in jest but remembered forever more. Not just the hurtful words and the advice, but small things that probably shouldn’t be remembered. If I called that boyfriend today and asked him, he probably wouldn’t remember telling me that (never mind that he spent half an hour every morning getting his own hair just right!) Words do count so choose them wisely.




July 5, 2011 - Posted by | Copywriting, Thoughts & Reflections

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