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The Journey

Writing, like everything else, is a journey. Last night, I had a bunch of things going through my head about writing. Now, I have insecurities like everyone else. Last night I was thinking that maybe I really am a terrible writer, like those people who audition for those reality singing shows and are really awful but think they’re fantastic. What if that’s me and I’m just fooling myself?

At 1am, this was just a random train of commentary from a stressed brain and nothing more. I could pay loads of money and attend courses and retreats but in the end, writing comes down to me.

I’m a fan of the Brontë sisters’ writings as well as other classic literature. Back in ye olde days, women weren’t allowed to be published so they used pseudonyms. Not only that, but publishers were rather more lenient than they are today. If you could get a publishing deal, you could make a very decent living out of it; Frances Hodgson Burnett did very well out of her writings.

These days, there are so many other avenues available, including self-publishing, so anyone who wants to can get their work out there. Is that a good thing? Yes! Two examples: Recently, someone in my uni course secured a deal to publish a children’s book she’d written. Months of to-ing and fro-ing later, the publisher wanted her to basically rewrite the whole thing to fit in with their “look”. She was devastated at not having her own voice anymore. (It’s ongoing; maybe one of them will cave and get her vision published.)

The second example is a random novel I saw on the iTunes store. It was a free novel, available to anyone who wanted it. I didn’t read the novel, but I did read the comments. A lot of people commented on the lack of editing but praised the general storyline. Once people read her novel, they were able to buy sequels from the iTunes store for a few dollars. It’s a win-win situation- she has complete control over her story (albeit she may want to look into having some professional editing done), the first story pulls in fans who then buy the sequels. The author retains more per book than she would through a physical publisher and her work is accessible to anyone with an iTunes account. (While iTunes does take about 10% of sales, a physical publisher takes about 90%).

The beauty of writing is that it is very personal. Whatever style or genre you write, there’s always a fan base for it. While you do need some good marketing skills to get your novel out there, getting the writing done in the first place is a journey within itself.


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The Girl Effect: How to Change Lives

This video says it all: A girl’s life is not her own.

I am writing this post to raise awareness ad motivate people to be part of the solution. Education is a freedom- it releases children from lives of poverty, unhappiness and disease. As educated women who make our own choices and live lives in a free country, it is our responsibility to spread the message and do our bit to ensure girls have these same choices.

I have donated $50 to this cause already, and plan to make regular donations as I’m able.

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