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Review: Wreck-It Ralph

This review contains spoilers. Read on at your own risk.

Poor Ralph. He’s a big guy whose job is to wreck buildings so Fix-It Felix can rebuild it and win all the praise (along with a medal). Ralph feels that after 30 years, he’d like to be a good guy so he heads off to another game in order to win his own medal and gain sought-after praise from his own game-mates.

Firstly, let me say that this film is really well done. The gaming world of the characters is flawless. There are so many references to real-life games and products (I’m not sure if this is marketing or just for fun) that the film seems like it really is taking place when the arcade closes. The shaky movements of some characters are a bit startling but that’s just how they move within the game. Why Ralph & co move smoothly and others don’t, I don’t know. I also read that Ralph was supposed to be animated in 8 bit but that would take away his loveability. Fair enough call, plus it would be very difficult to watch 8 bit characters on screen for any length of time. Fix-It Felix’s house is decorated in 8 bit though, which is a nice touch.

Secondly, I absolutely LOVE that one character, King Candy, is visually and audibly based on Ed Wynn. Ed Wynn represents classic Disney and makes a very welcome “return”. I was surprised to learn King Candy is voiced by Alan Tudyk, whom I know best from Firefly. What I didn’t love is that he served as the evil character. I understand the plot point, but Ed’s characters were always funny, lovable and inherently good. Crazy and madcap, but good.

The story was also very good. After the first half hour or so, I was wondering where else it could go… and it went in a different direction. This is a Good Thing because films shouldn’t be predictable (unless based on a true story, in which case, the ending is usually fairly obvious from the start). I loved the references to Super Mario Kart, because that’s the only video game I was ever really good at. The writers are clearly gamers and it shows with the level of detail in the gaming scenes.

The film is directed by Rich Moore, whom I know from his work on The Simpsons. A supervising director on this film was Jim Reardon, also known for his work on The Simpsons. Pleasantly surprised by this addition to their body of work.

Overall, this is a really good film. Some of the technical things about coding were a bit confusing; I wonder how much of that sort of thing kids really know about these days? Wreck-It Ralph has become a new favourite.

9 out of 10 popcorns.



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