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Review: Oz, The Great and Powerful

Welcome back to Oz. A stranger is swept into a tornado, lands in a weird little land of bad acting and poor plot and has to do away with a wicked witch (but not kill her because that would spoil Dorothy’s future fun).

This film has none of the charm of The Wizard of Oz and very limited resemblance too. There’s still a magical poppy field and the Emerald City (which looked quite crap, by the way) and people from Kansas in Oz, but that’s about it. Disappointment #1.

The film begins in black and white, obviously part homage to the original film and also to Kansas being dead boring. I missed the sepia tones of the original film, but really, there’s very little that could have saved this mess. The opening story is very weak. We have a conman (surely no surprise to anyone who has seen the original film) and a womaniser who brings his “charm” to the witches of Oz. If you do bother to see this film, BYO charm. This is an Oscar-nominated actor doing his darndest to move things along in the same way castor oil attempts to dislodge constipation, but with much less success. Disappointment #2.

Truthfully, there’s so many disappointing elements to this film that I’d be here all night listing them. There is a very weak plot of a prophecy, something about who is really the wicked witch and an army of Oz people who aren’t allowed to hurt anyone. Aww. Suffice to say, this is really only a film worth watching if you are chained to a dungeon wall with matchsticks forcing your eyelids open.

1 out of 5 popcorns for the visual effects.


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  1. For a story that travels past the 2 hour mark, there are plot details that seem a little light in nature; however, the story as a whole gets it done. Good review.

    Comment by CMrok93 | March 9, 2013 | Reply

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