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Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Set in the alternate timeline established in Star Trek (2009), Kirk et al are hot on the trail of a Federation criminal named John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch). Revealing the rest of the plot would involve some major spoilers, so I won’t go there.

Stylistically, this is a classic JJ Abrams film. There is plenty of action and obtuse sentimentality, but it looks pretty. Star Trek‘s regular cast is back with minor character changes (since when does Spock cry?) and the addition of a new villain and a blonde weapons expert named Carol (Alice Eve).

The plot itself is inspired by a previous Star Trek film. I’m not entirely familiar with anything pre-The Next Generation so I can’t comment on whether this latest installment fits, but it seems a decent addition to a well-worn storyline. The cast seem more familiarised with their characters which makes the film knit together more tightly than their first effort. My only complaints about this film are that it took too long to get to the point, and it was seeped with unnecessary sentimentality. Cut a half hour from the film, chop the mushy bits and you’d have yourself a pretty goof flick. However, at the end, I was left wondering, “Did anything happen in this movie besides extreme close ups of Chris Pine?” (Not that I’m complaining, he’s not the worst person to look at…)

6.5 popcorns out of 10. Add another mark for the unholy thoughts I’ve been having about Chris Pine since I saw the movie.



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Review: Sound of my Voice

Sound of My Voice centres on Peter and Lorna, journalists who have joined a cult in order to make a documentary. This cult is run by a young woman named Maggie, who claims to be from the future.

Although described as a psychological thriller, I’ve not found it to be so. There are moments when the film seems like it’s heading in that direction but then reins itself in. Nevertheless, it’s a smart little film co-written by Brit Marling, who plays the persuasive Maggie.

Maggie is an enigma. She never proves she’s from the future, however various sources claim there are subtle clues throughout the film for astute viewers to solve the truth. Maggie has the obligatory chosen ones who will learn from her to live in this future of famine and war. When asked to sing a popular song from her time, she croons Dreams by The Cranberries. When asked for an event that will happen soon, she asks for an event from spring, 1959. It’s a clever argument- if she’s telling the truth, she was born in the 2030s so how would she know something random that happens in 2010? The cult member, born in 1977, is disappointed and angry when asked to leave the cult.

The climax is deliberately ambiguous. The police are on Maggie’s trail for alleged crimes committed in another state, so when Maggie asks Peter to see one of his students and he agrees, the trap is set. Not only is Maggie’s story unproven, so is the full story of why she wants the child and why she’s actually wanted by the cops. Annoying, but effective. I hope the sequels are eventually produced.

Personally, I don’t believe she’s from the future. She’s “allergic to everything in our time” so grows her own food, yet she’s a smoker. But that’s just me.

7 out of 10 popcorns.

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