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Review: Dyson DC39 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

This is my dog:


This is my carpet:Image

This is my carpet after using the D39: Image

As you can see, I have a white dog with long fur. She sheds twice a year… for 6 months each time. We need a super duper, extra strength hardcore machine. And I think we’ve found it.

The Dyson DC39 (the purple one) is specially designed for houses where animals think they’re humans. I found the machine picks up everything- by the end, I had half a shopping bag full of fur and dirt. (By comparison, when I brush my dog, I often end up with a full shopping bag of fur).

I have an average sized living room. I had to empty the machine 5 times and de-clog the brush twice. Now, I don’t expect miracles; my dog has long fur and it will clog any brush. The tiny wheels on the machine also clogged, which was much harder to remove than from the easily removable spinning brush. The canister is 2 click emptiness: Click once to remove it from the machine and click again to empty it. One more click to put it back into the cleaner.

All in all, it took me about 40 minutes to clean the whole room. Most of that time was stuffing around emptying the canister and de-clogging the brush. With my old cleaner, it took me about an hour because that cleaner just wasn’t up to the job. This vacuum picks up everything so check the floor before vacuuming. The other thing I found was that it created a lot of static so fur was sticking to the wand bit.

4.5 out of 5, because it’s annoying to stop every 5 minutes to empty.



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