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Polarity Reversal

Every eleven years or so, the sun’s magnetic field flips. Occasionally, the Earth’s field flips as well. In the grand scheme of things, the sun’s flip doesn’t really matter to everyday life for us humans; I can pretty much guarantee that you didn’t notice the last time it happened and you probably won’t notice it when it happens again in a few months. 

Sometimes though, things happen that turn your world upside down in a personal polarity reversal. My own PPR (Personal Polarity Reversal) is in the process of happening this year. Someone close to me is dying, and it’s happening very quickly. Just as we process one new piece of information, another comes along and changes our outlook once more. You’re forced to look at things differently and face mortality. The logic and intellect is now overpowered by the emotional centre and although you can fight them, you’re sucker punched anyway. 

As little as four weeks ago, my aunt was outwardly fine. She stayed here for a week and you’d never tell anything was wrong. That has changed very quickly. The prognosis worsens with each doctor’s visit. It’s the time factor that I find it hard to deal with. The speed which the cancer is spreading is no longer interesting, it’s heartbreaking. 

This feels like a polarity reversal: something I’ve always known is shifting and one day, I won’t even notice. Right now though, it’s consuming my every thought. 


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