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In my last post, I wrote about my aunt’s losing battle with cancer and how time has slipped away. This morning I am again reminded about how precious time is.

Sometimes we have nothing but time. It’s in endless supply, something we kill and waste. We think nothing of watching a 3 hour movie, sometimes multiple times (I remember when Titanic was released. Entertainment Tonight had a segment on people who had seen the movie at the cinema 100+ times!) but at the time, it seems like a small price to pay.

What if you thought of time as being finite? What if all those minutes of you waiting at traffic light added up to three full weeks of your life? What do you do when time suddenly does become finite?

Last week, a friend posted online that he was feeling particularly ill. Yesterday he posted he is in fact terminally ill. The first question which springs to mind is: how long? How long before we lose the gift of you? How long can we selfishly hang onto this comfy world we know before we are forced to accept a new world without you?

Although time is precious, it’s not practical not to waste or kill it. The best we can do it enjoy it, and the people in it.


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