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I Know You Love Me


Image credit: Lisa Marie Selow

Last week, I was lucky enough to go to Perth for work. It’s something the company had never done: set up a store at the agricultural Show and fly over a team of 15 people to work there. It’s also something I’d never done: been over to the other side of the country to work insanely long hours with people I’d never met.

I met up with a friend for lunch, and she told me about the stages of team development. I found that it completely applied to the team I was working with (it’s also the first time I heard about the stages of group development). But most of all, I found that I was very much an outsider to this group.

I shouldn’t be surprised; I’m usually the outsider to any group. I don’t compete with loud personalities, I tend to be quiet and get on with what I have to do. Last week, the team added each other to Facebook and Instagram, although there were definite cliques forming within the team. This whole dynamic is fascinating, and as the resident outsider I was able to observe this strange quirk of human condition. On the last day, when group photos were being posted to Facebook and people being tagged, everyone realised they hadn’t friended me on FB, but no one minded (and no one bothered adding me even though they were visibly awkward about it).

What surprised me was that I did not care a single bit. I admit there were people I found annoying and two that I just did not like. Anyone who would have friended me would have been unfriended after the week because I really can’t see myself being interested in anything they posted. Mean, aren’t I?

The really interesting thing was something that happened on the last day. We had the day off and a group of us were wandering around the city. Someone said, “Renee! You rebel!” I was wearing 3/4 length jeans and my ankle tattoo was showing. This person, who had barely spoken to me all week, told me I wasn’t the type to have a tattoo. I smiled sweetly and replied, “Just shows you can’t judge people!” This got me thinking: what did they see in me that made them not want to get to know me? The answer is probably different for everyone, but it made me 100% more grateful for the friends I do have. I knew there were people back home who missed me, who are real friends and took the time to get to know me. Am I worth it? Well, you’d have to ask them!

We come across so many people in our lives. I’m glad I have a select few that I can call Friend. I can’t be bothered wasting energy on those who can’t be bothered getting to know me. That’s their loss.


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