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Review: Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie

God bless Mrs Brown! She’s raised six kids on her own, runs a fruit stall in the local market and is helping to save her community from the evil corporation.

Brendan O’Carroll (and most of his family) are back, this time on the big screen. It’s everything you love about Mrs Brown, only stretched out into 95 minutes.

Some years ago, Brendan O’Carroll wrote a trilogy of books about Mrs Browne (the ‘e’ was later dropped) and they were a huge hit in the UK. So much that Hollywood sent over the very talented Anjelica Huston to star as Mrs Browne in the film, Mrs Browne. It wasn’t a hit anywhere except for the UK, and is very different to the TV show watched by millions today.

This time, Mrs Brown as we know and love her appears in this movie, along with her wacky family. What I really liked about this film was that it was entirely new material- I was disappointed with the stage show because it was recycled material from the TV show.

What I didn’t like about it was… well, I can’t really put my finger on it. Films based on TV shows never quite work. Maybe it’s the difficulty in getting a feasible plot working for 90 minutes, maybe it’s the pressure of a longer filming cycle and it’s just not fun anymore, maybe it’s taking the show away from familiar settings, or maybe it’s just difficult to stretch out jokes for an extended length of time.

In any case, Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie doesn’t quite tick all the boxes. Sure, there are plenty of laughs and a few familiar settings, but the plot is unimaginative, simplistic and completely predictable. I suppose that’s what one expects from a sitcom, but when stretched out into a film, the viewer wants to be much more engaged with the plot. Not all of the loose ends were tied up; some characters were introduced and promptly forgotten about, if they were recognisable at all as most of the corporate people looked very similar.

What works is that all the regular cast are there, doing things we expect them to do. What doesn’t work is small jokes inserted for one scene then forgotten about, such as Cathy’s new advertising job. The plot is overly simple, drawn out and predictable, but then again it’s narrative convention that everything would turn out OK.

Overall, it’s a fun romp and great for a few laughs, but for a really good, deep belly laugh, stick to the TV show.

6 out of 10 popcorns.


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