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Review: Adultery

Paulo Coelho is best known for his best-selling novel The Alchemist, which remains on the New York Times bestseller list for the 320th week. His novels are usually categorised in the “Magical Realism” sections of online stores… but Adultery is one of his non-magical novels, in more ways than one.

There are no spoilers when it comes to a novel called Adultery. We follow Linda, a thirties-something married woman who is melancholic and bored. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable excuse to stalk a successful ex-boyfriend into having sex with her. Except that the novel doesn’t exactly follow the path you’d expect. There’s nothing wrong with this, except that the path it does take is confusing and irrelevant; Linda states she is not religious, yet the novel is littered with Bible references such as Paul’s letter to the Corinthians in an attempt to justify her actions.

The problem with this novel is that Linda isn’t some bored, lonely housewife looking to spice up her love life. She’s borderline psychopathic, stalking a guy after he denies her and then hates herself after every sexual encounter. She’s not a likable character, unable to be coherent in anything she does or says. The other main problem I have with the novel is the way it’s written. Dialogue between characters feels forced and one-sided, like Linda is actually conversing with the reader and not another person.

In all, the novel is exceedingly disappointing and rather boring as well.

2/5 bookmarks


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