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Review: Gone Girl

Ever noticed how much Ben Affleck looks like Scott Peterson?

Gone Girl is based a novel of the same name, and for the first hour or so, seems a lot like a fictionalised version of Scott Peterson’s story: cheating husband disposes of pregnant wife, no trace of her body found (for a while, anyway). Then there’s a twist and the plot rapidly becomes Tales of the Psycho Bitch.

Ben Affleck is becoming one of those actors who is trying so hard to be taken seriously, but in this film he plays his dumb-arse, naive persona to perfection. His wife has gone missing and he seems not to care, often making mistakes in public which unfortunately are caught on camera. Everything he says or does leads to suspicion of murder even though there’s no body (yet).

Yes, there is a twist and yes, it made me think this was a brilliant story deserving to be on film. So many films rely on special effects and a plethora of big stars to pull in the dollars but they fail miserably on story. This film is different. There is so much to take in that you don’t notice the three hour run time… except for the last half an hour.

This film should have ended with Nick Dunne locking himself in the room with the cat, but unfortunately the film drags that extra bit longer with a dissatisfying ending (but I;m told that the novel is also a disappointing ending).

In short, make sure you use the bathroom before seeing this, and be prepared for a great story with a disappointing end.

4 our of 5 popcorns.


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