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Review: Big Hero 6

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make: I have a new favourite Disney movie (sorry Wreck-It Ralph). I’m not a fan of superheroes but this movie sucked me in and didn’t let go til the credits. Thank the gods that Disney have redeemed themselves after the atrocity that was Frozen

In Big Hero 6, we meet fourteen year old Hiro and his brother, who are super smart and into robotics. In fact, Tadashi has built a robot to assist in medical needs of humans: a big, squishy robot named Baymax. Cue adventures.

This movie has everything: sciencey words, robots, villains, explosions and a fantastic song by Fall Out Boy which I haven’t stopped singing since its release in November. Visually, the film is beyond expectations. Animation has really come a long way in the past fifteen years, especially when animating humans. The fictional world of San Fransokyo has both the iconic landscape of San Francisco and Tokyo; who’d have thought cherry blossoms would prettify a concrete jungle? As usual, there are hidden gems in the film, such as when Baymax breaks a statue of some dude from Frozen (personally, I like to think this is because Disney realise they offered a piece of shit for their last venture, albeit a very successful piece of shit).

I felt the story kinda escaped from them in a couple of places, but it was brought back quickly and coherently. I’m not sure whether the portals were deliberately styled as Stargates, but they certainly appeared that way. It’s neither good nor bad, just an observation.

Also an observation is the parental separation. It’s a common theme in Disney films, which apparently stems from Walt Disney’s guilt over his mother’s death. He bought her a house, which subsequently burned down and his mother died. Walt felt immensely guilty over this and some say this resulted in Disney films having a running theme of maternal death within the films. Hiro and Tadashi have been raised by their aunt with no mention of what happened to their parents (or maybe there is and I missed it). In the ~fifty years since Disney’s death, parental death is still a running theme, although I concede in this case it may actually have been part of the original source material.

Not being up on my Marvel comics, I can’t comment on whether this is true to the original source or not, but there’s plenty of other nerds on the internet to tell you that kind of thing. For me, who doesn’t normally like superhero stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

9.5/10 popcorns.


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