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Review: Babel

How did I miss Babel when it was released? Never mind, I’ve caught it now and I loved it.

Babel is four interwoven stories centred around an American couple visiting Morocco (Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett). The stories take place on different continents so the viewer is transported from Morocco to Mexico to Japan following characters that have all played their part in the story of life. Astute viewers will pick up who is who fairly quickly (I admit to being embarrassingly slow on the uptake with the Japanese contingent) and the film walks the viewer through each segment so there’s never any confusion.

This film is perfect for analysing. The colour red is present in almost every shot, forming a rich tapestry within the stories. The film is almost a connect-the-dots and when you see the formed picture, it’s breathtaking in both beauty and form. There’s no star of the film; Brad Pitt may be in it but he doesn’t steal the limelight. Cate Blanchett does what she does best, while allowing others to be drawn into her story. The other characters are not played by well-known actors, yet they still capture the screen like they were born for their roles. The Moroccan children are perfectly cast for their roles which remind us that sometimes, there are no villains.

Babel is a very long movie, so make sure you have supplies and a pause button for quick toilet trips. I took an intermission not because the film was dragging, but because I was so caught up that I forgot I needed lunch. This is a hallmark of the very best films, which should now be including Babel. And like any good film, there are questions forming inside the viewer’s mind, burning to be answered yet unsatisfactory if they are; the film doesn’t need a sequel to answer them, half the fun is pursuing the questions yourself.

A highly recommended film. 9.5/10 popcorns.


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