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Hair Update: New Wash

Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar

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All was well for about a week. Then, something went wrong and my hair was always greasy. Where was the thick, luscious, lustrous hair I’d been promised? Instead it looked like I’d dipped my hair in a fryer full of oil. Was I using too much or too little? Was I not rinsing properly? Was I leaving it on too long? Or not long enough? This fancy shampoo replacement was not going to get the better of me… or my hair.

But soon there was an even more annoying problem. After about a month, my scalp was so itchy I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Prior to using the New Wash, I was using Aldi brand anti–dandruff shampoo. So I started using the anti-dandruff shampoo again. I used small amounts frequently but my scalp remained itchy. I also tried Lush’s Soak and Float, but even that couldn’t calm down the burning scalp.

Something in my brain started pinging… try apple cider vinegar. I Googled some handy hints and found the perfect solution (literally).

A tablespoon or so of apple cider vinegar mixed with a couple of drops of tea tree oil, dabbed with a cotton ball onto my scalp. Cover with a towel (or hair turban), leave for 40-60 minutes, rinse off with water (no shampoo!) Use New Wash twice after rinsing out the apple cider vinegar and bingo! My hair is finally becoming the luscious mane I’ve been promised. Oh, and the vinegary smell disappears fairly quickly, usually as soon as my hair dries. As an added bonus, the tea tree oil will help keep lice and nits away – anyone with kids in daycare or school will know what fun it is when they come home with those nasty critters!

I’m not sure there is a moral to this story. This is only my experience; my sister hasn’t had any such problems and her hair is amazing. I’m not yet quite convinced I’ll buy another bottle of New Wash (hello, expense!) but at the moment I seem to be winning the battle.

I know it seems like I’m turning into a hippy…


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Product review: New Wash

My sister has been using this for a few months and gave me a bottle for Christmas. I’ve used it twice so far. My hair is fine and oily; I usually wash it every second day. I first used New Wash on Christmas night and have just washed my hair today, five days later. Normally I would have washed my hair twice between that!

New Wash contains no detergents, which regular shampoos have in abundance as we have a psychological barrier telling us our hair won’t be clean unless it foams when we wash it. Instead, New Wash is a blend of essential oils, alcohol, water and “natural cleansers” which do the same job. On their website, there are over 1500 five-star testimonials and a handful of one-star. Obviously, one product is not going to fit everyone, but that ratio is pretty impressive.

So, how do you use it?

Wet hair, apply a small amount to coat your hair (as you would conditioner), massage until your arms are sore, wash the rest of you, use your hands like squeegees to rinse your hair, and then rinse some more.

I found my hair felt less weighty, softer and bouncier after the very first use. My hair didn’t feel oily at all until about five days later, and even then I could have gone another day before it desperately needed a wash. My sister reports she only washes her hair once a week, her colour lasts longer and her styles work better. Her hair is thicker, doesn’t break as easily and is much easier to manage.

It’s expensive: $50 AUD and you can only get it online from the US. However you only use a small amount less frequently so the cost probably evens out (someone else can do the maths).

5/5 stars

This is not a paid endorsement of New Wash or

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