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I feel that I should rename this blog “Confessions of…”

Here is another confession. Forgive me, Lord of Good Taste, for I have sinned. I am forced to admit (and not for the first time, I hasten to add) that I love awards shows. I couldn’t care less about the fashion or the gossip or who wins what (except the major prizes that I sit and watch til the end for) but I love the fake smiles, the bitchy looks across tables (remember the first year Brad and Angelina went to the Oscars together? It was a finely choreographed dance as to when they would arrive and not bump into Jennifer Aniston) and the over-acted musical numbers.

My favourite part though, is In Memory. All that talent that we lost over the past year is remembered with schmoozy music and Celine Dion singing her little heart out. The biggest names get the loudest applause (although I believe they’ve changed the rules on that now- no applause for anyone. I guess you don’t want the forgotten ones to come back and haunt you).  It’s the segment always worth waiting up for. Funerals are also fascinating to me, but I have a dark fascination with that sort of thing.

I also love Huge Special Events such as royal weddings. Again, I couldn’t care less about the dress or the cake or who got invited. I like the fairytale illusion that they’ll last forever in wedded bliss and splashed on every tabloid cover from here to eternity. Makes me feel like there is hope for the human race and Disney didn’t lie to me about princesses.

In any case, I suppose there’s a lot of people who have strange interests. Don’t judge me and I promise I won’t point and laugh at you 🙂


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