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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Firstly, let me just say  I have not seen the new documentary, Catfish. It is about the ‘security’ of facebook and what can happen to people you meet there.

A couple of years ago,  I became aware of a website called Please Rob Me, which scans facebook and twitter updates for key words and phrases (like “I’m on holidays!” or “I’m at a friend’s place”) and then posts that status on their website. They are not condoning that you should go out and rob these people who are telling the world they’re not home, rather they are showing the loopholes in security: posting something on a social networking site is akin to telling the world your deepest thoughts. Imagine standing in the middle of a sell out crowd in the MCG and shouting “My tampon is stuck” or “I’m going to the pub and then spending the night at Mary’s house.”

Whilst it can be amusing for some people to hear that your tampon is stuck (leading to popular sites like failbook or lamebook), telling everyone that you’re not at home can lead to some nasty surprises.

Facebook can be used to meet people, but I use it to keep in touch with people I’ve already met and trust. There are some people who may read this and say, “Hey- you haven’t met me!” (especially those of you who are overseas!) but I know and trust you through online communities, which are just like real life communities (in my opinion) but better.

I don’t accept friend requests from people I went to school with, unless I was friends with them at school (why would they want to be facebook friends anyway? They didn’t care then, why should they care now?) and I refuse requests from people who may know me through various communities just because they recognise my name. I’ve also blocked non-friends from sending me facebook messages: I posted something on a facebook fan page (The Ellen Show) about Train’s appearance singing Hey Soul Sister. I hated the song from the first time I heard it (still hate it!) and it’s not the Train that I know and love. I vented my disappointment and ended up with half a dozen messages from random people telling me what a bitch I was because I didn’t like the song. (As tempting as it was to write back telling them they were bitchy for not accepting my opinion and actually taking the time to tell me this, I restrained myself and changed my security settings instead).

The message I’m trying to get across is: Don’t post anything on facebook that you don’t want 175 people to know. Or 3000. Or the capacity of the MCG if your posts aren’t private.

Oh, if you want to post about your tampon, please please please tell me lies and post something else!


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